About Us

1993 Michael Loeckx founded the consulting company “MILOU Umweltberatung” with its main goal to produce well-founded presentations of backgrounds with the simultaneous elaboration of solution proposals either to reach the planned objective, or on the other hand to resolve a known problem.

Most of the inquiries are commissioned works (e. g. for organisations, authorities, NGOs, lawyers …) in most cases only for internal use, and therefore self-evidently treated with abolute discretion.

A publicly far better known field of activity of the MILOU Research & Communication concerns the publication of thoroughly carried out investigations for serious media, as for example Der Spiegel (magazine), Tagesthemen (ARD), Frontal21 (ZDF), Rundschau (SRF), Kassensturz (SRF) …

The MILOU Research & Communication disposes of a wide-ranging, for many years built up network of trustworthy people in authorities and worldwide organisations of any kind (from environment protection through protection of animals up to the agricultural sector and energy related sector), as well as in international companies and media …

Founder and main contact person of the MILOU Research & Communication:

Milou Research & Communication, Michael Loeckx

Dipl. Chem. Michaël Loeckx
born in 1965 in UCCLE / Belgium

1991 Degree in Chemistry at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg / Breisgau (Germany)
1993 Establishment of the environmental consultation “MILOU Umweltberatung” in Freiburg/Br. (Germany)
Since_1998  Working also as a freelance journalist for ARD, Spiegel, SRF, ZDF. .
2001 Unraveler of the so-called “Pork Feed Scandal” in Germany & Austria and co-author of the book "Gesundheitsrisiko Schweinefleisch" – The criminal methods in the keeping of porks
Since 2012 Additionally, working as a Senior  Consultant for the Spouse Career Centre in Basel
2014 Change of the company’s name to Milou “Research & Communication”
2018 25 year anniversary of the successful MILOU Research & Communication